The Industry

The Identity Theft Industry accounts for over 3 billion in revenue and is expected to grow for the next five years. Identity theft has been the number one customer complaint to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) for the last 14 years accounting for over 16 billion dollars in loses to consumers in 2016.

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Our Services

SafeGuard Pii has a multitude of services unlike any other in the identity theft industry.  Our services include Compliance Prevention Program, Business Membership, Employee Benefit, and Personal Membership.

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Why SafeGuard Pii

The best defense is a solid offense. SafeGuard Pii implements the most comprehensive Red Flag compliance programs in the industry. We are the only company in the industry that is providing a Business Identity Theft Membership. With the majority of our business coming from employee benefits, our business model is strong.

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SafeGuard Pii is an industry pioneer and top-tier Privacy Management Firm that provides compliance solutions to companies throughout the U.S.  SafeGuard Pii is also a provider of the most robust identity theft protection and restoration product in the marketplace.  SafeGuard Pii has become known not only for educating the corporate environment on data protection strategies and privacy law compliance, it is also known for its whole identity monitoring and restoration solutions.

Where many programs just focus on credit cards and bank accounts, our PII Defender program monitors internet black market sites, other internet trading sites where ID thieves buy & sell information, utility & phone records, public databases, criminal databases and DMV records in addition to credit files for your personal information. No other service gives you this level of protection. Members also receive lost wallet recovery services, Cyber security membership, credit report review and correction services and fully managed expert recovery assistance, restoring your identity back to pre-theft status including prosecution of the identity thief and so much more.



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