Areas of Identity Theft

When we hear the words "Identity Theft" we usually think about bank accounts and credit cards. Our mission at SafeGuard Pii is to educate businesses and employees that there are other areas of identity theft.

Businesses Are Losing Your Pii 

Imagine from the day you were born to your current age now. How many businesses, medical establishments, educational institutions that you have given your name, address, social security, birth date, and drivers license.

There have been over a billion records stolen since 2005 and over 5,029 businesses have reported a data breach. The key word is "reported." Businesses are losing individuals Pii "Personal Identifiable Information" on a daily basis.


Protecting Your Business

Our job at SafeGuard Pii is to assess risk, implement policies and procedures, train and provide protection for your business and your employees. Identity theft is a serious crime and if you don't have the policies in place the government will impose fines. Contact us to receive a free risk assessment today.