Risk Assessment

Risk assessment requires calculations of two components of risk; the magnitude of the potential loss, and, the probability that the loss will occur. Don't let your business be exposed get a risk assessment today.


ID-Protection Business

Business Protection

Small businesses and other organizations have become a prime target for identity thieves – and are extremely vulnerable to this type of fraud. Business identity theft can be devastating to both the business and the owner(s).


Employee Benefits

SafeGuard Pii offers Identity Theft Protection Plans in flexible benefits packages that integrate easily into your existing employee benefits program. We also provide you with the tools and resources to make implementation easy.

Business Identity Theft Protection Plan


Protect Your Biggest Asset

Risk is the possibility of something adverse happening. The process of identity theft risk management is identifying risks related to sensitive and non-public information, assessing the likelihood of a breach or data loss, and then taking steps to reduce the risk to an acceptable level.  The identity theft risk assessment process begins with determining the area(s) to be assessed, identifying the type(s) of information circulating the area(s), reviewing the day-to-day business operations that may put information at risk and then making formal recommendations of the controls needed to lower the likelihood of an identity theft occurrence.

Individual and Family Membership.

Employee Benefits & Policy's and Procedures

In the process of implementation of SGPii Prenvention Plan employees must have the opportunity to become members of our Pii Defender service, which protects them and their family.

In addition, your company’s procedures, security practices depend on the people who implement them, including independent agents and service providers. Before you outsource or subcontract any part of your business functions, investigate the company’s data security practices and compare their standards to yours.


Get A Risk Assessment

Let One Of Our Specialist Let Assess Your Business's Vulnerability For Identity Theft.